Message of the Présidente - 2020

All this year our city will celebrate the 10th anniversary of our World Heritage listing. For the first time, UNESCO recognized a site that reflects the industrial history of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. A site that illustrates an original urban development and reflects the needs of a rational organization for watchmaking production. Over time, the city's urban planning has adapted from artisanal production with home-based work to manufacturing production.


This commemoration will also allow to recognize all that the watch industry has contributed to our city. Financial and moral support for our museums, music hall, theater and Club 44 have given our citizens the opportunity to exchange, share, and also to improve their knowledge, curiosity and critical thinking. We invite everyone to participate in this celebration.


The role of the association of the amisMIH is also to participate in the popularization of knowledge of watchmaking techniques and measurement of time. The CirConferences begin their sixth season. We would like to thank all our members and sponsors. Thanks to their help, we were able in 2018 to provide CHF 75,000 for the enrichment of the collections.


Thank you all.

The President, Lise Berthet