Message from the president of the amisMIH - 2022

Dear friends of the MIH,

Our association has entered its 42nd year, after twelve more months of this unreal pandemic rhythm which alternated complications and nevertheless some moments of joyful sharing. We are looking forward to the return of a regular, reassuring ticking.

Our "A pas contés" walk could be held at the end of August, the dormant CirConférences were, at the beginning of 2022, gently awakened by a magnificent meeting combining capella singing and literature, initiated by Régis Huguenin, for what we hope will be a new cycle.


And also, in the course of 2021, within the committee of the MIH friends, Olivier Laesser, Hubert Noirjean and Jean-Michel Piguet were working on the production of a periodical letter, "40 + 1", evoking both the history of the MIH friends and that of remarkable pieces acquired over the years with your -your! - support. Thanks to the three authors, whose investigations continue, now under the label "40+ 2", as one of the emanations of a reorganized MIH-Friends Committee, with small, independent, dedicated groups.


I would like to thank all the members of the committee for their commitment, as we await the full redeployment of our activities. Thanks also to our friends and sponsors, whose support allows us to continue enriching the MIH's collections and to contribute to its radiance. This year again: patience and passion, but also perspectives!

Jean-Luc Renck