Message of the Présidente - 2018


These days it has become impossible to set up exhibitions, to buy objects for the collection or to restore objects without support which is external to the public authorities. Thus, despite the financial problems of the City, the museum presented last year an interesting exhibition, highlighting the Neuchâtel Pendulum-clock, thanks to a public-private collaboration.


This year, with the completion of the Automates & Merveilles project, you will once again have the opportunity to see how much collaboration between museums, associations of the friends of the museums and the participation of private patrons is important for the preservation of our heritage and for the setting-off of masterpieces of watchmaking among the population. Three of them will be exhibited during this year in Locle, La Chaux-de-Fonds and Neuchâtel.


Another role played by the association of the amisMIH is to participate in the popularization of knowledge in the field of horological techniques and time measurement. The CirConferences are attracting a growing audience and this conference cycle is entering its fifth season. The first one will take place during the month of March. The website www. always contains the latest information about the association amisMIH and the activities of the museum.


We would like to thank all our members and sponsors. Thanks to their help, we were able in 2017 to contribute CHF 75'000.- for the enrichment of the MIH collections.

Thank you all.

The President, Lise Berthet