Dreams from three eras

Touring exhibition from 26 June to 26 August 2018


Rediscover 3 masterpieces - The singing bird clock, the orrery and the astronomical clock are being displayed on their return "home", after months of research, analysis and restoration. + info...


from 8 June 2018

Dive into the infinitely accurate! The search for precision has been a catalyst for the development and the innovations in the watchmaking field since the 16th century. 

+ informations...


First Wednesday of the month (except January and August)    12:15-12:45

During the lunch break, a guide or curator from MIH will introduce you to a scientific aspect related to the theme of 'clocks' via a selection of objects from the collection. Tour conducted in French.

Demonstration of the Turk drinking coffee on a flying carpet automaton at 12:45. Stay for a free coffee after the presentation.

Style space, 5th of September 2018

free demonstration, + informations...






Guided visits, free of charge

The association des amisMIH offers guided visits of the Musée international d'horlogerie on the first Sunday of each month at 10.30 am. The guide’s fees are offered. The admission is free of charge from October to the end of March. (Except for the day of the Watchmaking Fair). As well as the permanent collections, visitors will be invited to discover the different temporary exhibitions.  Next visit...