2011: Cultural trip to Zurich

The amisMIH autumn excursion
Breguet and  Neu Oerlikon : two successful examples of daring
For the second autumn excursion of the amisMIH, Zurich was chosen as destination. On Saturday the 29th October 2012, a small bus drove a dozen participants from La Chaux-de-Fonds to join seven other amisMIH members who reside in the region of Zurich. Amongst them were descendants from the family of the renowned watchmaker A.-L. Breguet. This meant that the visit of the exhibition dedicated to him by the National Museum of Zurich provided even more interest, led by a very pleasant guide. After a meal taken together at the restaurant of the Ems Senevita in Oerlikon, the small group of amisMIH visited the new areas developed on the waste ground of this industrial city. Mme Kornelia Imesch Oechslin, Professor at the Universities of Lausanne and Zurich, explained the urbanist approach to the development of these modern areas, favouring leisure spots and places for children, supplemented by an original presence of nature.

With these two very different fields of interest, the day was fascinating.